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Scutellaria baicalensis


Application and operation
Due to European legislation on health claims, we are not allowed to make any statements about the use and effect of this valuable herbal product. If you would still like to receive information about this, please contact us.

Scuttelaria baicalensis is endemic to Siberia but is also found in Russia, Mongolia, Japan, China, Korea and North America. The plant is grown in Europe. The flowers are all on 1 side of the stem and bloom dark blue with a white spot on the lower lip.

Dosage and use

 Average treatment Build up to 5 drops 3 times a day.
 According to the Buhner protocol Build up to 10 drops 3 times a day.
Or according to the directions of your therapist.​


Adjust dosage according to need.

The dose can be increased if necessary; maximum 60 drops per day.

Do not exceed the maximum dosage. Recommended to leave 3 or 4 hours between intakes. May cause side effects. If necessary, reduce the dosage if this occurs.

Do not use with antibiotics, tranquilizers, or blood pressure medications. Also do not use if you want to become pregnant or if you are diabetic. (due to its interaction with medication)

Build up 
Always start the course with a low dose. The more severe the symptoms, the lower the starting dose. This is to prevent a lot of waste being released at once. Because waste is always released (even at low doses), it is advisable to drink a lot of (water) during the treatment and to use detoxifying and sedative agents at the same time.
(For example: Chlorella, ZeoliteMED.)

Composition and orgin
The tincture is undiluted mother tincture and is prepared organically. Organic certified and produced by Biosfeer in Groede in the Netherlands and is EKO and Skal certified with NL-BIO-01 Skal026872.
Alcohol: 50%. Maceration ratio: 1: 6.

Keep tightly closed, at room temperature and out of the reach of children. Chinese Skullcap is not a medicine but a herbal preparation. A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. This product information cannot replace the advice of a doctor or therapist. For all other questions, please consult your therapist or contact us.

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