Productinformation EM Primal solution.

Application and function
Due to the European legislation on health claims we are not allowed to make any statements about the application and operation of this detoxification package. If you want to receive information about this, please contact us.

EM contains 80 types of positive-working micro-organisms. These micro-organisms are collected in the wild and are propagated in a natural way. The cultivated cultures are dissolved in spring water in an 'effective' relationship based on cooperation. The product this obtained is called 'primal solution' because the organisms can reproduce from here again when they enter a new environment. The most important types of organisms found in the primal solution are lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria and fungi.

Shelf life: see expiration date on the bottle. Keep cool and dark, but not in the refrigerator. EM can be stored for months. It doesn't spoil quickly. If EM is no longer good, you can clearly smell it.

Keep tightly closed, cool and dark, out of reach of children.
For all kind of questions you can contact us.

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Honest and active organic mother tinctures

from Dutch soil from BIOSFEER

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