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  • Supports detoxification, in particular of neurotoxins, mercury and heavy metals.
  • Support with recovery and regeneration.
  • Promotes good intestinal flora.

Some important ingredients: very high content of chlorophyll, zinc, iron, calcium, a large number of important amino acids, a large number of vitamins, including B vitamins in particular.

Dried, pure Chlorella vulgaris, A-quality from Korea (controlled cultivation), without additives, pressed into tablets of 0.25 grams. Packaging: 1000 tablets. Imported by UGA Media.

 Light treatment

 First day 1 tablet, one tablet every two days
 2 tablets is reached up to 3 x daily.

 Average treatment

 First day 1 tablet, one tablet every two days
 2 tablets is reached up to 3 x daily.

 Intensive treatment

 First day 1 tablet, one tablet every other day until
 3 x 10 tablets daily is reached.

or as directed by your therapist.

Take the tablets with plenty of (warm) water, preferably half an hour before meals.

Do not exceed the recommended maximum daily dose.
Suitable for long-term use.

Detoxing and also supplementing nutritional deficiencies can take several months or years.

Nutritional value per 100 gr:​
Energy: 372 Kcal / 1556 kJ Carbohydrates: 3.7 grams, of which sugars: 0 grams
Fats: 12.8 grams, of which saturated fat: 2.69 grams, Protein: 60.6 grams, Fiber: 13.0 grams, Salt: 1.8 mg

Contains no allergens.

Chlorella can be combined with other natural remedies and also with other detoxifying agents. Chlorella has no side effects and can also be used during pregnancy.

Keep tightly closed and at room temperature, out of the reach of children.
Chlorella is not a medicine but a dietary supplement. A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. This product information cannot replace the advice of a doctor or therapist. For all other questions consult your therapist or contact us.

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