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ZeolithMED is a certified medical product (CE0481).


lead out+ detoxifying + removing slag + deacidifying + regulating


  • 100% natural, can be used without risk and has an unlimited shelf life
  • Absorbs and directs neurotoxins and other toxic secretions (of bacteria). Relieve the body of heavy metals (including mercury), remnants of pharmaceutical drugs and other foreign substances.
  • Deacidifying the body and restores the acid-base balance. Stabilizes the intestinal flora.
  • Strengthens and regulates the resistance. Promotes the production of immune cells. Improves self-healing capacity because harmful substances disappear.
  • The "zeolite" component is one of the strongest antioxidants. ZeolithMED is a strong 'free radical catcher'.
  • Provides the body with essential minerals. ('Modern dietary habits' and long-term illness almost always cause a mineral deficiency.)
  • Ensures a good distribution and an even effect of tinctures and herbs.

Dosage end use:

Detoxify + deacidify + regulate:

3 gram (= a full teaspoon) 1 to 2 x daily

duration: at least 3 to 4 months

Stir in a glass of water and drink preferably at least half an hour before meals.

ZeolithMED works most effectively early in the morning. After the night's rest, the body contains the most waste and the body is also the most acidic. Drink a lot of (water) the rest of the day.

Removal of slag (= bowel cleanse):

10 gram (= a full tablespoon) 1 á 2 x daily

duration: one week

- The dosage for the removel of slag is higher than for the detoxification, since more absorption is required for the removal of slag. Detoxing, removing heavy metals, neurotoxins and the like is a longer and more subtle process because these substances are stored everywhere in the body. It is recommended to remove slag in the first week and to continue with the lower dose for detoxing, deacidifying and regulating in the weeks thereafter. Optionally (in case of hypersensitivity) you can skip the removal of slag or do it later.

- ZeolithMED can be taken together with other (natural) products without objection.

- Adjust the dosage for children and animals proportionally to body weight.

- Can also be use during and after pregnancy.

- Although it is not the main application, ZeolithMED can also be applied externally, for example for the healing of (dirty) wounds and as a skin care product.


Components and origin:

ZeolithMED is produced by ZeoBent Handels GmbH

Ingredient: micronized clinoptilolite, crystal lattice 26 micrometer; prepared from zeolite = mineral-rich lava rock, contains ancient crystal water. For the precise mineral composition, please contact us.

This product information cannot replace the advice of a doctor or therapist.

Do not exceed the recommended maximum daily dose. A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep tightly closed and at room temperature, out of reach of children.

For all other questions consult your therapist or contact us.

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