Chlorella vulgaris is a single-celled, green freshwater alga, with a round shape and it is approximately one hundredth of a millimeter in size. The detoxifying properties of chlorella are mainly due to the very high content of chlorophyll (leaf green) that can bind toxins. Furthermore, chlorella is a high-quality food source because it contains a high content of protein and other essential nutrients. When dried, chlorella contains approximately 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrates, 5% fiber and 10% minerals and vitamins.

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  • Chlorella  250 gr (1000 tablets)
    Chlorella 250 gr (1000 tablets)

    1000 tablets. (250 grams)

    Dried, pure chlorella algae helps the body to detox in a powerful way. Chlorella also contains many vitamins (including B12) and important minerals.

    Chlorella supports detoxification, recovery and…

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