Teaselroot Nutramedix

The Latin name is Dipsacus fullonum.

Teasel bulb is often used in a disease that should not be mentioned here.

In our web store Kaardeshop we also sell organic Teasel tincture (which is cheaper). Click here for this Teasel root tincture.

For dosage and use, click here.

Photo: Teasel flower inflorescence. (greatly magnified)

  • Teaselroot tinctuur Nutramedix 30 ml
    Teaselroot tinctuur Nutramedix 30 ml

    Teasel, ethanol, mineral water. Alcohol content 22% vol.Toepassing :
    NutraMedix Teasel (Teasel) is easy to use next to the TOA-free Cat's Claw (Samento).
    For dosage and use, click here.

    € 22,30
  • Enula Nutramedix 30 ml
    Enula Nutramedix 30 ml

    Supports the resistance, the respiratory tract, the metabolism and the joint function.

    The recommended daily dose (40 drops) contains:
    40 mg Alant root and Purpur bindweedIngredients of Enula Nutramedix:
    Herbs, mineral water and…

    € 30,40

Honest and active organic mother tinctures

from Dutch soil from BIOSFEER

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