Stevia tincture 

The Latin name is Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia is also called sweet leaf, sweet herb or honey leaf. The natural sweeteners, extracted from the leaves of the plant, are dozens of times sweeter than the well-known sucrose. Stevia is therefore a healthy replacement for sugar or, for example, aspartame. Besides this property, Stevia is also used for countless other purposes.

In our webshop you can choose Stevia from Nutramedix and Stevia from the Teaselshop. Stevia from the Teaselshop is organic and certainly no less strong and has a guaranteed high quality.

For dosage and use, Stevia Teaselshop, click here.

Organic certified: NL-BIO-01 Skal026872

  • Stevia tincture 10ml
    Stevia tincture 10ml
    € 4,50
  • Stevia tincture 30ml
    Stevia tincture 30ml
    € 9,00
  • Stevia tincture 50ml
    Stevia tincture 50ml
    € 12,50
  • Stevia tincture 100ml
    Stevia tincture 100ml
    € 17,50
  • Stevia tincture 250ml
    Stevia tincture 250ml
    € 29,50
  • Stevia tincture 500ml
    Stevia tincture 500ml
    € 49,50
  • Stevia tincture 1000ml
    Stevia tincture 1000ml
    € 89,00
  • Stevia Nutramedix 60 ml
    Stevia Nutramedix 60 ml
    € 20,40
  • Stevia Nutramedix 30 ml
    Stevia Nutramedix 30 ml
    € 12,85

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