TeaselrootSAP and teaselrootSAP D3


It is important for the efficacy of teasel that the roots are processed as fresh as possible. The freshness is maximum when freshly squeezed root juice is used. Only alcohol is then added to this juice for shelf life.

TeaselrootSAP made in this way is a completely new product that has never been made before. The effectiveness is estimated to be around 10% higher than that of well-macerated teaselroot tinctures.

TeaselrootSAP D3

For children and sensitive adults, cardillary tinctures are often too intense.

TeaselrootSAP D3 is a homeopathic dilution of TeaselrootSAP. Homeopathic dilution means that the juice from the root of Teasel is almost no longer physically present, but the effect of teaselroot is, in some respects, even increased. This 'energizing' of the workings is called potential.

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Bio-certified product. NL-BIO-01 Skal026872

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  • TeaselrootSAP 10ml
    TeaselrootSAP 10ml
    € 5,50
  • TeaselrootSAP 30ml
    TeaselrootSAP 30ml
    € 13,40
  • TeaselrootSAP 50ml
    TeaselrootSAP 50ml
    € 17,50
  • TeaselrootSAP 100ml
    TeaselrootSAP 100ml
    € 28,60
  • TeaselrootSAP 250ml
    TeaselrootSAP 250ml
    € 59,70
  • TeaselrootSAP 500ml
    TeaselrootSAP 500ml
    € 97,00
  • TeaselrootSAP 1000ml
    TeaselrootSAP 1000ml
    € 169,00
  • Teaselrootsap D3 10ml
    Teaselrootsap D3 10ml
    € 3,50
  • Teaselrootsap D3 30ml
    Teaselrootsap D3 30ml
    € 6,50
  • Teaselrootsap D3 50ml
    Teaselrootsap D3 50ml
    € 9,00
  • Teaselrootsap D3 100ml
    Teaselrootsap D3 100ml
    € 14,80
  • Teaselrootsap D3 250ml
    Teaselrootsap D3 250ml
    € 28,60

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