Algas Metal Detox Nutramedix

Algas is an agent for the detoxification of heavy metals. It is made from a red algae with the Latin name Gigartina chamissoi. This algae comes from the Pacific Ocean near Peru.

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Photo: Red algae (Gigartina chamissoi.)

  • Algas Metal Detox Nutramedix 30 ml
    Algas Metal Detox Nutramedix 30 ml

    Algas Metal Detox is a means for detoxing heavy metals.

    The recommended daily dose (6 drops) contains: extract of Red algae (Gigartine chamissoi) 6 mg.Ingredients
    Red algae extract, ethanol and mineral water. Alcohol…

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Honest and active organic mother tinctures

from Dutch soil from BIOSFEER

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