Kaardeshop (Teaselshop) has changed to Green Vitality BV with effect from 1 November. You will see changes step by step. Our product range, the quality of our products and our service will remain as you are used to. You can continue to order via this website. Please note that our bank details have changed.

  • Nutra-BRL 60ml
    Nutra-BRL 60ml
    € 52,45 € 45,00
  • Nutra-BBS 60ml
    Nutra-BBS 60ml
    € 52,45 € 45,00
  • Nutra-BRT 60ml
    Nutra-BRT 60ml
    € 52,45 € 45,00
  • TeaselrootSAP 100ml
    TeaselrootSAP 100ml

    Latin name: Dipsacus fullonum.

    Teaselroot sap is produced by pressing fresh teaselroot from organically grown in the Netherlands. After pressing, alcohol is added for preservation.

    Other ingredients: Organic alcohol 38%.


    € 28,60 € 17,50

Honest and active organic mother tinctures

from Dutch soil from BIOSFEER

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