This basic package contains the following four coordinated products:

    Teasel tincture 100ml
    ZeoliteMED 400gr
    Livermagic 250ml
    Jiaogulan tea 100gr

    For more information please contact us.

    package discount = 13%

    € 69,50
  • Tickaway 50 ml
    Tickaway 50 ml

    An all natural tick-resistant skin oil for safe hiking, camping and gardening.

    ∙ Alternative to poisonous insect repellants. Also protects against mosquitoes and other insects.
    ∙ Nourishes the skin, improving the skin's…

    € 9,00
  • Schisandra  chinensis tincture 30 ml
    Schisandra chinensis tincture 30 ml

    Helps with fatigue and to improve performance on a mental, mental and physical level. Strengthening and supports the body's ability to recover.

    For dosage and use, click here.Organic certified: NL-BIO-01 Skal02687

    € 13,50 € 7,95
  • Willow gemmo D1 100 ml
    Willow gemmo D1 100 ml

    The pharmaceutical industry has copied the chemical aspirin from valuable substances in the willow tree. This D1 willow gemmo is a homopatized version of the primal gemmo.

    It is a 10 times diluted version (D1). This does not mean…

    € 22,50 € 14,75

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