The Teaselshop sells two brands of zeolite: ZeolithMED and Premium Zeoliet. The ZeoSacF brand is no longer sold, because it is no longer produced.


ZeolithMED consists of ground clinoptilolite zeolite with a crystal lattice of 26 micrometres. ZeolithMED is a certified medical product.

ZeolithMED is an effective agent for the elimination of harmful substances from the body. For more information click here.

Premium Zeolite

Premium Zeolite is ultra-finely ground zeolite (clinoptilolite) of high purity. It has a grain size of 20 - 30 µm. This makes the effective surface area very large. It is ground so that the original crystal lattice is not damaged. Premium Zeolite is very chemically and biologically active and can absorb a lot of waste. This is due to the special characteristic of 'cation exchange'. Premium Zeolite is well tolerated with vegetable extracts and tinctures.

Premium Zeolite is not a dietary supplement nor a medical product because it is not certified. In fact, that is the only difference with ZeolithMED. According to the legal EU approval standards E567 and E568, Premium Zeolite is only approved as a non-certified product for applications in animal husbandry, agriculture and horticulture and also for technical applications.

For questions about this, contact us.


  • ZeolietMED, purifying finely ground zeolite 400gr
    ZeolietMED, purifying finely ground zeolite 400gr
    € 24,95
  • Premium Zeolite 400 gram
    Premium Zeolite 400 gram
    € 19,95
  • Premium Zeolite 220 gram
    Premium Zeolite 220 gram
    € 12,95
    € 28,00

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